A Swagtacular Sponsorship Opportunity!

Propaganda: Art-Made Grenade is an arts incubator that explores the hidden and potentially explosive intentions found within artist-run culture. As part of Propaganda, White Water Gallery will host a Zine and Multiples Fair on July 19th & 20th to bring amazing artwork and artists to engage with the local community of North Bay, Ontario.

CALL FOR SPONSORSHIPS: Would you like to sponsor a crazy-awesome arts event? How about receiving an autographed picture of an obscure Canadian arts administrator? Or maybe you just want to make the world a better place by celebrating art? You can do all these things and more by sponsoring our PROPAGANDA SWAG JAG!

Here’s how: Take a bunch of swag from your office and mail it to us. This can include, but is not limited to: buttons, pens, tote bags, old magazines, catalogues, brochures, business cards, paperclips, postcards, ID badges, passports, guitar picks, magnets or any other swag-like arts articles that you’ve got laying around. WARNING: DO NOT PUT LIVE ANIMALS IN THE MAIL!

All contributing groups will be recognized for their support in two ways:

1)       They will receive an exclusive autographed photo of a White Water Gallery staff member in the mail.

2)       Their organization will be formally recognized in all PROPAGANDA advertising online and in print.

Why swag? Because it’s fun! All swag submissions will be displayed on-site during the Zine and Multiples Fair at a “free advice” trading post. Swag will be bargained in exchange for conversations about the changes in our community and/or industry. Creating arts dialogues on a local, regional, and national level is vital to keeping arts and culture alive, and your donation can help us find the cure make great things happen!

Please send all swag to:
White Water Gallery
143 Main St. W. P.O. Box 1491
North Bay, ON P1B 8K6

To find out more, contact Clayton Windatt at, or phone us at (705) 476-2444.