Call for Submissions: Exhibitions

White Water Gallery (WWG) is seeking proposals from artists working in all media for the 2022-23 programming seasons, with a special interest in media art, including new media and interactive works.

Deadline: April 1st, 2021

WWG is dedicated to presenting work by contemporary artists working in or across a variety of disciplines. The gallery strives to present experimental, alternative and/or critically engaged art that is relevant to diverse cultures and “wicked problems.”  The gallery welcomes submissions from individual artists, curators, and collectives, with new or existing exhibition proposals.

We also encourage initiatives that seek to expand our programming beyond the gallery space, and welcome proposals for site-specific projects.

COVID UPDATE: Due to the on-going concerns, and in keeping with provincial recommendations, we will be prioritizing submissions that do not require the following…

  •  Large in-person groups – Ex: Performances with live audience
  •  Interactivity or touch – Ex: Virtual Reality, or Artworks with Movable pieces
  •  Prolonged visits by audience members in an enclosed space. – Ex: Time based works or long onsite video works. 

If your submission requires any of the following we still encourage Artists to submit with the knowledge that, if approved, The exhibition may be set for a time in the future when it is safer for audiences to see. Finally, we ask artists to provide a Covid Consideration letter. This letter serves to provide alternative exhibition formats/suggestions that are Covid flexible that Artists are comfortable with.

Ex: Video works screening online instead of in person, Window gallery (behind glass) or works that can exist outside with limited supervision.



Please submit the following in a single PDF file to :

  1. Proposal/Project Description (1 page maximum)
  2. Technical Requirements
  3. Covid Consideration Letter
  4. Artist/Curatorial Statement (250 words max)
  5. Artist Bio(s) (250 words max, each)
  6. Current CV (3 pages max; including contact info)
  7. Support Material.  (jpgs or links to images, audio, video, webart etc.)
  8. Support Material List. 

Please select support material mindfully, as committee members have limited time to consider each proposal. Your Support Material List should include title of work, date created, medium, and dimensions.

Video/audio files: Regardless of duration, please include full audio visual materials. Due to time constraints, the selections committee may only view/listen to up to 5 minutes of each file. Please note the clip you would prefer the jury view by including time marks in the documentation list.

Programming Process

Proposals are judged on artistic merit and project viability, as well as in relation to White Water Gallery’s mandate and programming focus (e.g. “community relevance”).

All submissions to the Annual Call are vetted by a Programming Committee composed of: the Artistic Director, 3 working artists or curators from the region, and 1 invited artist or curator from outside of North Bay.  Based on this jury’s decisions, and taking budgetary and scheduling constraints into consideration, the Artistic Director makes final decisions in selecting each exhibition.

Please allow approximately 3 months after the deadline for the White Water Gallery jury to consider submissions.

NOTE: Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis, and those received after the post-marked deadline will be held over until the next review.

Exhibition Fees

The White Water Gallery is considered a Category 1 gallery and is classified as a small space by Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective (CARCC). We pay full artist fees in accordance with this designation and the CARCC guidelines. The current fee for a solo exhibition is $2,036, which does not include fees paid for additional activities that may be scheduled such as artist talks, panel discussions, or screenings. We also attempt to offset costs related to shipping, travel and accommodations, and encourage artists to apply for travel bursaries and/or exhibition assistance to cover any additional costs.

Find out more about CARCC’s fee schedule for artists:

If you have any questions regarding submissions, please contact: 

Mitchell Ellam

Executive Director