Call for Board Members

The White Water Gallery is a not-for-profit Artist-Run Centre dedicated to the presentation and dissemination of contemporary art practices that prioritize risk and innovation. In addition to hosting exhibitions of contemporary art in a wide range of disciplines, the Gallery also facilitates artist talks, screenings, performances, and information sessions to enhance and complement its mandate. The Gallery strives to engage the general public and ignite thought through its programming, and regularly collaborates with other local, provincial, and national organizations to expand their audience and enrich their community.

White Water Gallery welcomes new members on our board of directors each March at our Annual General Meeting. Being a member of the board is challenging; it requires commitment, leadership, decision-making, and integrity. It is also a very rewarding experience that allows members to gain new insights and develop new skills that will aid them in future endeavours. Board meetings are held on a monthly basis, and members are expected to volunteer additional time sitting on committees and attending Gallery events. Directors may not receive financial compensation or apply for solo exhibitions while serving on the board, and will be expected to hold their positions until the next Annual General Meeting.

Ideal candidates are professional artists, as well as professionals with fundraising and/or previous board experience who possess a strong interest in contemporary arts practices. Candidates must also be community-minded and possess good communication and interpersonal skills. Previous experience in the not-for-profit sector or with other Artist-Run Centres is an asset. Interested individuals are asked to submit their resume and a letter of intent to the Gallery by email.