Rent Audio Video Equipment from the WWG

The White Water has an extensive collection of AV equipment for rent for your presentation. Please contact us for more information.

Choose from the following list of equipment for your event’s needs!

Ultra Short Throw Laser Multimedia Projector
DLP Short Throw Projector
Elune Projector Screen 1
Elune Projector Screen 2
Studio Monitor – 8330A 5” 2-Way Digital Nearfield Monitor (Single) – Black
Studio Subwoofer – 7050C 8” Active Studio Subwoofer (Single) – Black
Audio Interface – Fireface UCX 36-Channel USB & FireWire Audio Interface
Mount for Ultra Short Throw Laser Multimedia Projector
Wall Mount for Studio Monitor x 2
DLP Link 3D Glasses x 4
Audio Cables (contact us for detailed selection)