FÊTE NOIR: A Black Christmas Party


Join us at the Cactus Jack Room @the Voyager Inn for…
FÊTE NOIR: A Black Christmas Party
featuring poetry, music, video, art and more!
$5 cover, 19+

This holiday fundraiser party presented by COLD SWEAT for the W.K.P Kennedy Gallery, Near North Mobile Media Lab and White Water Gallery will be themed around Fête Noir (or “Black Christmas”)…

For millennia, humankind has celebrated the Winter Solstice, the darkest time of year while the natural world is in its deepest slumber, with festivals of lights and opulent galas. In contrast, the Fête Noir is focused on this darkness, whether it is celebrating the nocturnal splendor of the natural world, or acknowledging a gloom of the spirit during a supposed joyous season.

Performances by:

  • Janet Calcaterra
  • Alex Maeve Campbell
  • Christine Charette
  • Invisible Robots
  • Kevin Smith
  • Ken Stange
  • We Claim Anonymity
  • Aurelia Wilson
  • Natalie Wilson
  • Hannah Zaidë

PLUS projections of “NOIR” films like Touch of Evil and the Call of Cthulhu and DJs Holly Golightly and Chris Ali!