Échange (Exchange)/Post(e) – North Bay

Losier - postcard front
#01 – North Bay Post Office Eighty-Four Times, 1910 (Detail)

Marc Losier’s newest exhibition, Échange (Exchange)/Post(e) – North Bay, at White Water Gallery is a series of rediscovered images of our region found in archive collections from Toronto. Each of the works reflects a unique aspect of local history re-envisioned through the eyes of the artist. The exhibition is presented as a trading post, of sorts, where the values of the works are based on the individualized relationship between the audience member and the image. The trade is made through the exchange of reflective stories or expressions of interest in each piece of work, which are recorded in the exhibition’s receipt book. The records of the works and the documentation of the trade are both archived making the reflections as meaningful and valuable as the work itself.

Échange (Exchange)/Post(e) – North Bay will be on view at the White Water Gallery until May 30th, when the Gallery will hold a closing reception with the artist at 9pm as part of the Dream Big Conference.

Marc Losier is a French-Canadian artist and photographer, based in San Francisco and Toronto, whose work revives histories, documents, and materials as a means of destabilizing standpoints and perceptions.  He has participated in visual arts residencies at The Banff Centre and the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California, and his works have been exhibited in the Toronto Images Festival, Open Engagement in Portland, Oregon, the Canadian Heritage Foundation, and in a solo exhibition at Dwinelle Hall Gallery at the University of California, Berkeley. In 2013, he was the recipient of a Toronto Arts Council emerging visual artist award, and in May 2014 was invited to participate in the FAAS 4 visual arts biennale in Sudbury, Ontario.  He currently teaches at Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts and OCAD University, and has previously taught at the San Francisco Art Institute.