nbnn-poster3It’s weird that we actually achieved our goal because we never really thought it would happen. When we received the first couple hundred dollars online it wasn’t looking too good and we were worried about meeting our goal or even reaching it part way. We realized how much the Nipissing District responds to things in-person and how none of our locals respond to online campaigns. Perhaps it’s because we are all becoming desensitized to them…

Then the Business for the Arts’ ArtsVest program got going and made us get out into the public and hunt down sponsorships. This was the beginning of something wonderful because we were able to meet our goals and secure funding for our fall projects! We are very thankful to COGECO for supporting us with $10,000 worth of advertising space on their broadcasting channel. We are also very thankful to MOOSE FM for giving us another $8000. We are very happy to be working with the North Bay Nipissing News of our campaign and to have received 4 full-page advertisements and multiple articles through them worth more than $8000. This is all in addition to the whopping $11,900 that we have received from the Business for the Arts ArtsVest fund.

Reaching the project’s completion we have secured $26,000 in IN-KIND support and another $12,730 in cash contributions. This funding will make it possible for the White Water Gallery to develop a strong outreach plan that will engage our youth this coming fall. We plan to host a series of artist talks and workshops all pushing forward with professional development and career growth for young and emerging artists. Thank You to everyone who made this possible and thank you to North Bay for helping us get the ball rolling.