Black Water Art 2014


Our 2014 Black Water Art exhibition is now online! Check it out by clicking on the Black Water Art tab at the top of the page or by following this link. Click on an artist’s name to see their work up close, or check out the video to see the exhibition as a whole. We hope you enjoy this year’s show!

Black Water Art 2014

BWA 2014 Installation Shot          BWA 2014 Installation Shot

Black Water Art
January 17 – February 8, 2014

The White Water Gallery is proud to present this year’s Black Water Art exhibition. Black Water Art is an annual salon-style exhibition where the proceeds from the sale of each artwork go back to the artist. We had over 30 new participants this year in addition to the many we gladly welcomed back. We hope you get a chance to check out the show online or in person, and if you see something you like, just let us know.



2014 Participating Artists:

Dianne Bailey Allen | Adam Beanish | Ashlea Black | Alex Maeve Campbell
Keith Campbell | Dave Carlin | Jackie Carter | Emily Dalmer | Claire Domitric
Wendie Donabie | Beth Evans | Janice Feist | Agnieszka Foltyn | Maya Foltyn
Jennifer Gagnon | Brad Garber | Gerry Gooderham | Bonnie Gray | Nancy Green
Mae Griffiths | Sarah Hawley | Janet Hilliard | Allan Hirsh | Catherine Hodgson
Sharon Hunter | Susan Jephcott | Istvan Kantor | Sophie LeBlanc | Carissa MacIntosh
Sarah Marinelli | Geoff Mayne | Stéfy McKnight | Alice McLeod
Marjorie (Moonfire) Meister | Rebecca Monk | Kaylee Motley | Janique Perrier
Ric Potvin | Malinda Prud’homme | Sabrina Ramos | Katie Roberts | Margaret Rodgers
Norma Sanders | Lindsay Sarazin | Nick Scarfone | Jess Semple | Morgan Skinner
Peter Sloan | Ashley Snook | Leah Symington | Kirk Titmuss | Arndt von Holtzendorff
Pat Whittle | Clayton Windatt | Ember Windatt | Cameron Young