Bertrand Pitt: Travellings, Opens Aug 10th!

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Bertrand’s work is an exploration of unexpected connections between sound and image and their place in space questioning perceptual habits. His video installations and interactive works explore sensitive and cognitive connections between body and landscape giving condition for experiences which amalgamates contemplation, doubt and fascination.

Travellings is an installation of filmed landscapes that arise first as electronic abstract pictures eventually their origins are revealed gradually by the interaction of the viewer. Travellings questions the experience of motion; the idea that the faster we move, the more we may “see without seeing”. When the lines painted on a highway seem to stretch as our speed increases, what about the travelled landscapes? Do they merge into mixed impressions that has more to do with the memory than the objective eye? When travelling at high speed, does the depth of field vanish to become a surface, a screen, or a painting machine?