Ann Marie Hadcock: “Natured Things”

05_AnnMarieHadcock_taprootOpening September 11th @ 7pm and running until October 18th, 2014.

Ann Marie Hadcock is a visual artist working in installation and sculpture who creates anomalous material forms that inhabit places. The form of the work remains ambiguous; a poetic metaphor of naturally occurring things. Site-specific installations emphasize the features of places through a transformative “mapping/drawing” process, a creative response to the surroundings she encounters. The energy, history and geography of a location become active compositional elements bringing vibrancy, significance and context to the work. The ephemeral materials used in these installations are lightweight, enabling the work to be transported on foot to remote locations and installed temporarily. Artwork being placed in unexpected locations extends the visual language of public art beyond the confines of traditional public spaces, adding new layers of wonder and interpretation to both work and site. The site (once the installation is removed) is returned to its natural state with no remnants of the work left behind.