MEDIA X, Subversive Revolution

picCall for Submissions:

MEDIA X, Subversive Revolution

Media X is the first yearly media arts event produced jointly by Ontario administrators / media artists Clayton Windatt of White Water Gallery (WWG) and Evan Tyler of gallerywest. The goal for Media X is to disseminate contemporary Canadian media art in the form of screenings and DVD distribution.

Subversive Revolution is a compilation of video art that provokes response and conversation on the infrastructure of the contemporary art world. These new works share and exchange opinions dealing with all forms of issues relating to the inner workings of the art world including administration, curatorial practices, artist’s life, organizational identity and the uncanny ability that administrators within the arts have for laughing at themselves.

“All of the videos featured on this compilation are made by contemporary artists who apply, attend openings, justify their practice and engage in a lifestyle married to professionalism and self-marketing. This project is a coping mechanism with the realities of the contemporary art climate.” – Co-founder of Media X – Evan Tyler
WWG is seeking individual short films and media arts works no longer than 15 minutes in length. WWG will produce copies of the Media X DVD and hold two separate screening events as a form of dissemination. All screenings will pay either a CARFAC or IMAA fee for presentation based on the rates each artist prefers. These screenings allow all artists to attempt artistic autonomy within an umbrella concept, while allowing the obvious influence from each other to impact on the project as a whole. Our objective is to challenge and ignite thought, and to further our organization’s current artistic mandate.

POSTMARKED Deadline: September 24th, 2012.

Submissions received by the postmarked deadline will be reviewed in late October, 2012. This call is open to contemporary artists, collectives, performers, and curators working in the field of media art who prioritize risk and innovation in the creation of their work.

All submissions must include:

  • Artist’s CV and/or Biography
  • One page Statement
  • Digital file / VHS or DVD of your work. (15 minutes maximum)
  • Self addressed stamped envelope

Please send your submission/proposal to:
White Water Gallery
Attn: Media X
P.O. Box 1491
North Bay, Ontario
P1B 8K6
White Water Gallery is not responsible for lost or damaged submissions. Do not send slides, photographs, original artwork or master tapes. E-mailed submissions will not be accepted without prior consent from the Gallery.