Ice Follies 2014

icefolliesbambitchellThis year’s Ice Follies went off with a bang, and we were happy to see so many people at our opening events. The festival comes to a close this Saturday, but there’s still time to check things out if you haven’t had the chance. In the future we hope to get more groups involved to make Ice Follies even better.  All of us here at White Water Gallery would like to thank Bambitchell* for braving the cold to install their work on the ice, the City of North Bay for providing the power and the permits for this year’s festival, and our partners, N2M2L and Aanmitaagzi for helping us to make Ice Follies 2014 a great success.

*Bambitchell is a collaboration between Toronto-based mixed media artists Sharlene Bamboat and Alexis Mitchell.