Tracking, tracing, moving lines

The White Water Gallery will be transformed into a working studio that will be open to all from Jan 19 through Feb 5, 2016. Cristina Lella invites you to join her to work on any/all aspects of  Tracking, tracing moving lines:

Walking routes: create and share art kits, with directions and maps, for your favorite walking routes.

Common threads: create and/or pull apart and re-create fabric-based items.

Movement Practice: consider lines of energy, patterns of growth, and forcefields in our bodies’ relationships with gravity, anit-gravity and each other.


Cristina Lella’s art practice is focused in process-oriented movement with developing interests in installation, sound and textiles. She has danced and choreographed in Montreal and San Francisco with independent groups and individuals, including the site-specific improvisational group The Body Cartography Project. She particularly loves dancing spontaneous choreography in an ensemble for its lessons in openness and humility. She’s earned a certificate in dance and choreography from Les ateliers de danse moderne de Montreal (now Ecole de danse contemporaine de Montreal), a bachelor of arts in social and cultural anthropology and film studies from the University of Western Ontario, and a master of arts in dance ethnology from York University. Cristina co-owns Vinyasa Yoga Studio in North Bay with her husband Rob Joanisse, and works with the multi-disciplinary community-engaged arts company Aanmitaagzi Storymakers in Nipissing First Nation.