Wanna Trade Belts? by Dominic Lafontaine

White Water Gallery is pleased to present Wanna Trade Belts? a multimedia exhibition by Algonquin artist Dominic Lafontaine running from May 31 to July 27, 2024. There will be a reception on Friday, May 31, from 7 to 9 pm that will include a talk by the artist.

Initially created for the Mnemonic exhibition (Nov 2023 – Jan 2024) at the Centre d’art daphne in Montreal, Wanna Trade Belts? is a digital art exhibition that explores the theme of Wampum in the era of Artificial Intelligence. Using Style GAN tools, the artist wanted to integrate the notion of traditional wampum with that of the future to then develop a new model of Indigenous graphic art.

Dominic Lafontaine is an Algonquin multimedia artist, essayist, poet and musician currently based in Notre-Dame-du-Nord, Quebec. His audacious, humorous and often absurd artworks explore the very notions of cultural identity and belonging. A graduate of Visual Arts at Ottawa University, he synthesizes his knowledge of traditional art forms with new media in order to redefine the visual language of contemporary native art.
His motto: «Research, remix and repeat!»

Learn more about the artist and his work here.