Wendie Donabie

Wendie Donabie - Field of RemembranceField of Remembrance, 2013
acrylic on canvas
12″ x 24″
Price: $400.00

We associate poppies with Remembrance Day – a time we honour the military for their service to our country. I wanted to create painting that evoked remembrance of their sacrifice but one that would also communicate hope for the future.

As a writer and visual artist, Wendie has learned a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Painting allows her to communicate her experience of the world in a way that words cannot. Her creative journey began with photography and today her photos provide the initial spark to ignite her next painting project.

Through her art, Wendie aims to express the spirit and inner light of animate and inanimate objects, and her connection to them. Working in her studio, near Bracebridge Falls, she finds inspiration for her acrylic, watercolour and oil paintings in the natural beauty of Muskoka. When she feels connected to a subject, Wendie is motivated to paint. Once brush and paint touch the paper or canvas, time loses all meaning. Her senses become alert to what the painting is telling her. To Wendie this as an intimate, visceral experience. The actual painting process she describes as magical, transforming blank paper or canvas into a painting, as if the paint draws forth images hidden in the fibres.

Wendie’s aim is to communicate realistic-impressions of a subject that entice the viewer to enter into the painting and experience the subject in his or her own unique way. She hopes her work inspires, uplifts, brings joy and beauty into the world and touches the human spirit.

For more information about Wendie’s work, please visit www.wendiedonabie.com.