Sarah Marinelli

Sarah Marinelli - Dose

Dose, 2013
12″ x 18″
Price: $30.00

Printmaking is a relatively new medium to me. In print, I find that no matter how planned and precise you are when creating your original matrix, whether it be wood cut; intaglio; linoleum block etc. the end result always has an element of surprise once its been run through the press. Using a multi-block woodcut I was attempting to emphasize the random element of print making with this piece.

In Dose I wanted to explore the reliance that many people, myself included, have on various medications to relieve their ailments, both real and imaginary. From popping an aspirin for a headache and needing that cup of coffee to wake up in the morning to more seemingly sinister ‘medications’ like alcohol and illicit drugs. I wanted to confront peoples perceptions about what makes a drug not only illegal and taboo, but why, and who has the power to choose such a distinction, especially considering the abundance of acceptable drugs people take everyday.