Sarah Hawley

Sarah Hawley - Preserved Mosaic

Preserved Mosaic, 2011
serigraph on decorative paper
9″ x 9″
Price: $120.00

My aesthetic interests deal with ornamentation and are presented in a way to facilitate transformation and change that generates a variable reading or experience. The motifs that are presented within the work are strongly impacted by pattern and repetition that are also considerations as it associates to ritual and “identity.” Traditional historical patterns and cultural designs enhance the ritualistic and/or spiritual quality that the motif produces. This is supported by my fascination of how our ability to communicate through signs and symbols (semiotics) circumvent the confines of language barriers and where two diverse cultures can merge creating a unique and exciting hybrid that continues to evolve over time.

Interpretation of diverse cultural influences and the breadth of associations based on a historical and contemporary “infusion” is the current conceptual foundation for my work. Cultural perception and interpretation as well as societal influence and its diverse connotations is what I intend the viewer to experience.