Nancy Green

Nancy Green - The Paper Affair

The Paper Affair, 2013
mixed media
33 cm x 43.2 cm x 3 cm
Price: $300.00

The PAPER AFFAIR stems from a series of hand built pieces consisting of various stoneware clays, raku, or “paper clay.”  The kiln-fired clay tiles and mixed media are set in deep frames that become integral to the artwork. The paper fragments accompanying the clay tile consist of organic materials such as white onion skin, segments of cropped drawings, and vintage rag paper. Text and colour add another dimension to the work, originating in the wet clay stage. Most materials are repurposed in an effort to use what already exists. Unfired clay is reclaimed, organic matter gets mulched into a new format, and frames are sanded back to their original wood. The drawings are clipped from the artist’s own work and the roadmap material is culled from the family’s heirloom collection, and so the cycle continues.

Green is interested in the journey of her materials, such as where they come from and how they end up in her hands as part of an exercise in composition and balance. Set under glass the materials take on a heightened sense of importance and an accentuated fragility. Here they acquire an elevated status, and begin a new journey in safe keeping for future generations.

Nancy received her B.F.A at the University of Ottawa and her Diploma of Fine Arts at Algonquin College.  She has enjoyed both solo and group exhibitions in art galleries across Canada, teaching art and pottery to diverse communities, art mentoring, and sitting on an Executive Board for an artist-run centre.