Janice Feist

Janice Feist - A Walk in Winter, MuskokaA Walk in Winter, Muskoka, 2012
22″ x 15″
Price: $550.00

Colour, texture and light has been a constant fascination in my life, beginning in theatre productions working as set painter, costume sewer and lighting assistant.  I have photographed and sketched subjects for as long as I can remember.  Through painting, I can communicate in a much more intimate way with subjects.

Painting allows me to speak with an emotional voice through colour, texture and light.  The work comes from my experience, my life.  When I paint, my mind disconnects; there is only energy running through to my brush and onto the painted surface.  I am in the zone.  I love that – the freedom that is part of painting.  There is nothing else going on around me; it is only about painting.

From soft watercolours to bold acrylics, my paintings precisely communicate my experience and the energy and beauty that motivated me. I recognize the power in my work comes from the use of light in my compositions.  First sketching the work, I experience the way the piece is going to speak.  Then I visualize the colours and make a mental plan of how I will apply the paint.  Once I’ve got my brush in hand, the painting is on its way.

When I can look at and re-live the emotion that inspired the piece, I feel that the painting has turned out really well.  As people view my paintings, I hope they experience some kind of emotion; it confirms that the work has spoken.

Far more information about Janice’s work, please visit www.janicefeist.com.