Emily Dalmer

Emily Dalmer - Duo-PurposeDuo-Purpose (1/4), 2013
acrylic ink print
15″ x 22″
Price: $45.00

My image was based on the word Apparatus. When I think of the word “apparatus” I think of a tool or method that is used by humans with the intent to achieve a goal. However, it is my belief that these tools are not just limited to the inanimate objects such as wrench’s, utensils, vehicles, and other mechanical things that are incorporated into our everyday lives. Instead, I looked at an apparatus that has been put to use for over millennia.  The horse. From early times, horses have provided food, transportation, have worked as laborers, In another sense, horses also served leisure purposes such as companions, actors, and even athletes for our entertainment. Horses don’t necessarily do this on their own accord. Humans have tamed and trained horses to fit these uses.

In my work, I try to bring out the duality of horses as workers and as entertainment providers through both the use of black and white, as well as positive and negatives.