Agnieszka Foltyn

Agnieszka Foltyn - Stockings

Stockings, 2013
mixed media and resin on panel
8″ x 10″
Price: $250.00

Dance and movement inspire my artistic practice. I focus on dualities, using contrast as a means of creating volume, and line as a contrast to planes of painted space. There is a tension between the positive and negative areas of the drawings. I want the viewer to feel the physical presence of the subject and the potential of movement outside of the two-dimensional surface; to create a dialogue between what it is I am drawing and the techniques used in the process of making the work.

Agnieszka Foltyn holds a B.FA in studio arts and art history from Concordia University in Montreal, and now lives in Toronto. As a dancer and a visual artist, her work is centered on the potential for movement within drawing. Her recent work has been focusing on interactions between bodies and the space they occupy, using public spaces and mixed media installations in conjunction with performance, drawing, music and dance. She is a council member of the Ontario Society of Artists.