White Water Gallery / Black Water Art

Black Water Art is a metaphor for the conceptual transition from one space to another. This event transforms the White Water Gallery Artist-Run Centre into a commercial venue for a short exhibition each year. During this time artwork will be installed in a salon style exhibition and sold on site. 100% of each sale goes directly to the artist making this a unique commercial opportunity for participants.

Black Water Art Submissions:
To learn more about this event and download the submission form, please click here.

Message from Director,

Black Water Art is an exciting exhibition that creates sale opportunities for the Gallery’s membership. We will be hanging the show salon style and listing images and prices on our website. All sales go directly to the artist and the gallery benefits from an increase in membership.

There are additional benefits to membership at the White Water Gallery. We are planning several webinars and online artist talks that will be available to members at a reduced or waived fee, and we also produce a monthly newsletter that includes a section where members can post information about upcoming events or exhibitions that is received by more than 1500 artists, administrators and university professors across the country.

Anyone can become a member of the White Water Gallery as long as they pay their membership fee yearly and proactively support contemporary art. Members do not have to be contemporary artists, but must recognize that our mandate is to support artistic practices that prioritize risk and innovation and to understand the need to advance the public’s threshold for viewing contemporary art.

Black Water Art is a non-juried exhibition that will allow for a wide range of artistic practices and skill levels to be presented at the same time. This will create an abundance of dialogues surrounding methodologies both practical and conceptual. As Black Water Art is an outreach program, we believe that it will promote accessibility and shared knowledge to increase the public’s knowledge of contemporary art, as well as create an interesting dynamic for an exhibition. We hope you get involved!

-Clayton Windatt
Director of Programming, White Water Gallery