Malinda Prud’homme

Malinda Prud'homme: Modern Warrior Beauty

Modern Warrior Beauty, 2012
oil paint on bamboo board
6.5″ x 12.7″
Sale Price: $250.00

Creating beautiful art sings to my soul. I never feel more content or alive than when I am immersed in the creative process. My current work is heavily focused on portraying natural beauty and the beauty of the multifaceted female spirit. My creations often begin with an inspiring thought. As soon as this thought occurs my mind is completely conquered and my plans must begin.

One important step in my artistic process is choosing which media to use. As a mixed media artist I have many different mediums available to me. My favourite, and therefore most often used, are graphite pencil, vine charcoal, oil paint, and encaustic paint. I cherish my tools; they make me feel warm and safe. I have collected many of them from my travels around the world and I feel when I use them I travel back to their origins once again.

Using these mediums I achieve meticulous detail. In each of my pieces I hope to balance creativity and realism in a beautiful and comforting way.

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