Alicia Hunt

Alicia Hunt: Presence

Presence, 2012
collagraph plate: salvaged fabric, aluminum, acrylic, and etching ink
18″ x 24″
Sale Price: $190.00

Fabric is a necessity that is weaved into our daily lives. I have been especially interested in the way that garments speak of human construction and so vividly tell of human presence. The fabric that I have used in this series has been salvaged and holds presence.

Rooted in contemplation about fragility, transience, and resilience, I am considering the great significance that each life, each journey, each being’s search has. My work relates to reconciliation and belonging.
They are a prayer.

Within the make up of the fabric itself is an interesting story: Threads binding, holding, uniting. An embrace of the Spirit.

Salvaged. Striving. Longing. Light.

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