Seminar: Heather Young & Jerry Smith

It’s clearly a budget. It’s got a lot of numbers in it.” — George W. Bush.

Ever feel that way about your budget? This seminar is for you! We’ll help you bush-whack through the thickets of designing appropriate line items, planning, estimating, formatting, revising/rethinking, tracking actuals and more. You’ll leave with professional terminology, techniques, accounting principles and sound management procedures – and a set of blank budget templates in Excel.

But wait – there’s more! We’ll also consider cashflow: the movement of cash into or out of your organization or project. This is distinct from your budget, and equally – if not more – important. We will define the difference between budget and cashflow, and explore various sources and uses of cash. We will also look at how to forecast cashflow, and examine a useful spreadsheet template in Excel which is yours to take away!

Bring your calculator! You’ll also benefit by bringing a copy of your organization’s financial documents, so that you can ask specific questions and make notes and revisions on the spot.

Heather Young and Jerry Smith are both consultants with Young Associates a  firm functioning within the arts sector of Ontario and based primarily in Toronto. They are coming to North Bay for a presentation and workshop to help our arts community with financial management and effective fiscal planning.

This activity was funded by the Ontario Arts Council and NECO, our local Community Futures Development Corporation.