Active Arts 2013

The Active Arts Festival is founded under one very basic principle: An active community means a better quality of life for everyone. The Arts & Pro-Activism Festival is a community festival that celebrates arts through a series of community building events and projects. Projects range from musical events to art creation activities and theatrical presentations. Anything that can take an active approach to local arts, culture and heritage can become an event within Active Arts!

Active Arts was created by the White Water Gallery Artist-Run Centre to encourage arts activities within the North Bay area and embrace healthy community living.

Active Arts Strives to:

  • Create a multi-arts event that encourages community building and accessibility to all audiences.
  • Provides opportunities to Canadian artists to present.
  • Creates an all-inclusive environment where all local organizations and artists can participate.
  • Ensure that all arts activities are directed by local artists or at local issues.

Active Arts 2013:

Bertrand Pitt: Travellings