June 8th to July 14th 2012

The White Water Gallery has recently launched a new exhibition that is designed to encourage the development of emerging curators and the promotion of artists from our region of Ontario working within contemporary and innovative fields. Profiles, featuring five local artists curated by five local emerging curators, creates a dynamic space in which the audience walks through five micro-exhibitions all housed within one room. The contrast between art forms, intentions and presentation methods creates an overwhelming sense of intrigue while giving the audience a glimpse into what artists are doing in our area. This is the first exhibition of this kind for the White Water Gallery, but we hope to make it an annual event which continues to offer experiences for emerging curators and a professional venue for local artists.

Read the full curatorial statements here:

Alternate World: A Look into ‘The Party’ by Nick Scarfone
Curatorial Statement and installation by Jaymie Lathem

Chelsea Schmidt: A Minimalist Relationship of Untapped Potential
Curatorial Statement and installation by Leigh Cline

Danny Turcotte: Dreaming the Drama of One Moment
Curatorial Statement and installation by Alex Maeve Campbell

Dave Carlin: Untitled
Curatorial Statement and installation by Holly Cunningham

Sean Stewart: evacuated space
Curatorial Statement and installation by Clayton Windatt