Tammy Zebruck

Tammy Zebruck: Sunny Day at the Beach

Tammy Zebruck. Sunny Day at the Beach. 2011.
acrylic on canvas. 11 x 12 in.
Sale price: $415

Living in Northern Ontario on the northern shore of Lake of the Woods, I can’t help but develop a fascination for water and wilderness.  They are all around me.   This piece of earth is more water than it is land and it is the water, and its interface with the land – beaches, and shorelines — that fascinates me most.  Sparkle, shine, reflectivity, transparency and waters’ changeability interest me. Its fluidity and movement are a metaphor for time and memory.


My representational and semi abstract works are characterized by expressive brushstrokes that convey the action of painting and lend a sense of movement to the works.  Coupled with the composition of the pieces which often feature strong diagonals or horizon lines near the top, or implied above the picture plane, the paintings have a feeling of vertigo.  I try to capture the moment at the cusp of change in a living, moving environment.

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