Ruth Jamieson

Ruth Jamieson: Alien Queen

Ruth Jamieson. Alien Queen. 2007.
fractal with post processing. 7 x 9 in.
Sale price: $100 SOLD

My current focus is creating digital images inspired by interests in nature, science, spirituality, and fantasy.  These works might be flame fractals, digital photographs, digital painting, digital effects or a combination of these elements.  The fractals I create are unique as they are representational and sometimes figurative.

I hope to spark delight, inspiration and peace in viewers of my work.  Many people have commented that my work triggers a soothing spiritual response and that it illustrates the spirit of nature.

Alien Queen is reminiscent of a powerful royal matriarch of a species from another world.  Her regal posture, and golden head dress and sceptres emanate strength and power.  The glowing eyes are evidence that this is not a human being.  Benevolent or hostile, this is a monarch to be reckoned with.

This image is based on a digital fractal produced in Apophysis. Post processing of the original fractal included visual and physical digital effects.

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