Olga Oreshyna

Olga Oreshyna: La Pluie

Olga Oreshyna. La Pluie. 2011.
oil on wooden blocks panel. 24 x 24 in.
Sale price: $320

My name is Olga Oreshyna and I would like to introduce myself as a Canadian artist who is deeply passionate about woodworking. Also I consider myself as an artist who supports and shares a true passion for the healthy environment. My biggest concern is trees which dramatically disappear from our planet. Trees are an essential part of
this world. Trees give us life, what do we do in return?

People seem to forget about the value of trees and the enormous benefits they give us. There are hectares of forests that are getting slashed and burned every year for lumber, farm land, and other resources. Growing up in Russia, where one ecological disaster replaces another, it made me realize the importance of nature. The reason why I do what I do is to save something precious so many people take for granted. The source of my inspiration comes from abandoned pieces of wood. In my imagination I give them a second chance of life. This is my way of making a difference, at the same time I’m sharing a positive message on how we can recycle and reuse in creative ways. Trees are vulnerable, and need protection just like people. I use recycled wood and make it into the art. The wooden panel, which I am going to create specifically for that charity event, refers to all the people who needs help and support. That piece shows individuality and yet unity at harsh times, when we rely on one another just to keep on going.


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