Nazanin Khani

Nazanin Khani: untitled

Nazanin Khani. Untitled. 2011.
mixed media and wax on wood panel. 24 x 24 in.
Sale price: $1800

In my art I try making of the world through language and knowledge. My arrangements are schematic, inviting the viewer to immerse into a space of speculation. I rely on our desires for beauty, poetics, ecstasy and seduction.

I love working in layers and get mysterious and expressionist effect in my work. “Composition” and “Concept” are essential underneath components of my works. I try to represent my dreams, my memories, my imagination, my social and cultural concerns, and significant moments of my home country’s history from a critical point of view. I try to interpret my thoughts to a pure abstract language. I then represent them through different styles and techniques such as expressionist, impressionist, cubist, abstract, collage, or a mixture of them. I sometimes fracture symbols or myths from other cultures as well as thoughts from writers or artists and then put them together in my own style, add my own idea about them, and finally make them my own.

My favourite materials are beeswax and oil paint. Color is my most motivating component ever and paints are the ones through which I can play with color physically. I like oil paints better than other type of paints for their brightness and brilliance that oil film gives after drying. I also have longer time to move and play with color in my surface for the time that oil paints take to dry. Beeswax also attracts me for the organic effect it gives and for the aroma it diffuses through the air. Beeswax is really forgiving and flexible letting artist to immerse in an endless exploration world.

When I say a piece turned out really well I mean it meets all my intentions from different aspects such as composition, color scheme, forms, values and texture and whole thing is successfully integrated with the concept.

Please direct all sales inquiries to White Water Gallery.