Mandy Higgs

Mandy Higgs: Colorful Whisper

Mandy Higgs. Colorful Whisper. 2011.
mixed acrylic and spray paint. 20 x 24 in.
Sale price: $400

I call my style Contemporary Northern Expressionism. My medium is acrylic because I love the opaque and transparent qualities and the fast drying time. I begin building up layers of heavy medium gels mixed with inks. The paint breaks naturally as the layers are built up, giving a spontaneous, organic appearance. Subsequent liquid gold or color highlights of iridescent paint subtly emphasize the texture and fuse it with more detail; sometimes totaling up to 40+ layers on one painting! Realistic brushwork is then used to depict the subject of the painting.

My goal is to use texture and color to create an atmospheric mood to my paintings that will provoke the viewer’s memories and invite the mind to experience the unique beauty and character our Canadian wildlife.

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