Frank Caracciolo

Frank Caracciolo: Black & White Series #1-15

Frank Caracciolo. Black & White Series #1-15. 2011.
oil on wood with resin. 12 x 9 in.
Sale price: $300

Working as an abstract painter, I search my environment for surfaces and compositions relating to my work. Architecture, city streets, wall surfaces, and industrial landscapes are where I find movement, rhythm and reference. I refer back to these images and surfaces when creating my own language in painting.

While painting, I freely assault the surface with drawing, painting and washes of paint and varnishes. Always bringing myself back to the surface painting. This exploration reveals to me the beauty of the patina that is created through time, much like a wall decaying from the weather or coatings of paint from previous applications. The end result suggests atmospheric imagery, gestural abstraction using light and depth to take the viewer into the painting.

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