Clayton Windatt

Clayton Windatt: Artwork Made by Robots / Made by Children

Clayton Windatt. Artwork Made by Robots / Made by Children. 2012.
ink on paper. 22 x 22 in.
Sale price: $100 SOLD

Working in community arts has been a very rewarding experience for me. It allows me to focus on social engagement and then conceptualize at my leisure instead of focusing on my own personal technique and delivery as a contemporary artist.

Artwork Made by Robots / Made by Children was a piece created with the Youth Arts Initiative at the White Water Gallery during a workshop I facilitated.  I brought in several small robots with remote controls and invited the collective members to attach markers to them however they saw fit. This created a hybrid version of the robots; each changed by the collective members in a unique way. The robots then proceeded to attempt their small duties travelling across a large sheet of gridded paper. The result of this activity was a collaborative effort between people and machine, both leaving their mark but neither really controlling the outcome. I hope this work leads the viewer to consider the similarities between this process and the fabrications of modern life.

All proceeds of this sale will go to the Youth Arts Collective and their upcoming field trip to Toronto.

Please direct all sales inquiries to White Water Gallery.