Exhibitions & Events 2012

Broken City Lab Residency: July 9 – 13, 2012
Over the course of a weeklong residency, Broken City Lab (BLC) will engage in a series of exploratory public interventions, micro-gestures, and tactical DIY responses to North Bay. Join members of BCL on Tuesday night at 8pm for a psycho-geographic walk around the downtown starting at White Water Gallery… Read More

13Regional Artist Growth Program: May 12th – May 26th
There is a common misconception that artists from smaller communities lack the same training and skill sets as their counterparts in major urban centres and therefore have less potential to succeed. Recognizing the need to combat this perception the White Water Gallery has developed the Regional Artist Growth (RAG) program to provide… Read More

Active Arts Festival: 2012
The Active Arts Festival is founded under one very basic principle: An active community means a better quality of life for everyone. The Arts & Pro-Activism Festival is a community festival that celebrates arts through a series of community building events and projects. Projects range from musical events to art creation activities and theatrical presentations. Anything that can take an active approach to local arts, culture and… Read More

bertrandrpittBertrand R Pitt: Travellings
Bertrand’s work is an exploration of unexpected connections between sound and image and their place in space questioning perceptual habits. His video installations and interactive works explore sensitive and cognitive connections between body and landscape giving condition for experiences which amalgamates contemplation… Read More

This is the first year we have conducted this exhibition and have had a wonderful level of support for the activity. The 44 artworks in this exhibition come from local and national sources. Some of these include: West Kelowna British Columbia, Red Deer Alberta, Montreal Quebec, Toronto Ontario, Attawapiskat Ontario as well as several semi-local… Read More

Broken City Lab: A Northern Locality, Surviving North Bay, Sept. 28th, 2012 – Nov. 2nd, 2012
The program, A Northern Locality: Surviving North Bay, offers two distinct facets: first, through a series of community events, the boundaries of the experience of “the local” will be established; second, an exhibition will be mounted that describes… Read More

Lynn Richardson: Arctic Garden
February 3rd – March 10th, 2012
With renewed debates over rights to waterways and Arctic shipping routes a new era of colonization will soon begin. Using British colonialism as a metaphor for the potential exploitation of the Arctic, Richardson’s new work questions this relationship by assuming… Read More

ICE FOLLIES 2012: Anaamimikom
Ice Follies is a Festival that celebrates art by presenting a series of arts installations on Lake Nipissing. Over the past decade Ice Follies has become a signature event for both North Bay, and the North-Eastern region as a whole. This year’s title “Anaamimikom” meaning “Under the Surface” or “Sous la surface” was chosen because it represents the efforts behind the scenes to make Ice Follies 2012 more community oriented and engaging.

sm_istvankantorfrontISTVAN KANTOR: November 16th @ 7pm, 2012
A mastermind of criminal art, Istvan Kantor employs all his skills and talents to constantly confront the bureaucratic, institutionalized art system ruled by government agencies, corporate and bank related funding, under the moralist leadership of political correctness. His main interest lies in creating work that establishes a discussion within and around the conflicting territories of institutional authority Read More

profiles 2012 2Profiles: June 8th to July 14th 2012
Profiles is designed to encourage the development of emerging curators and the promotion of artists from our region of Ontario working within contemporary and innovative fields. Profiles, featuring five local artists curated by five local emerging curators, creates a dynamic space in which the audience walks through five micro-exhibitions all housed within one room. The contrast between art forms Read more…

sm_ruthhowardfrontRuth Howard: Community Arts Residency
December 17th – 21st, 2012
Ruth Howard, Artistic Director of Jumblies Theatre, will be collaborating with White Water Gallery, the North Bay Public Library, Aanmitaagzi Storymakers and the people of Nipissing and North Bay to create an evolving interactive miniature model of 3 imaginary worlds – the Goodlands, Badlands and Dreamlands of North Bay and Nipissing. Read More…

Aleks Bartosik: Real Human Beings
Exhibition: March 23rd – April 28th, 2012
A series of large-scale figurative paintings, loosely based on the 1870 novel Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Real Human Beings explores the boundaries between the real and the imaginary.  Motivated by the particularities, delicacies, sensitivities, beauties and obsessions held within the relationships between lovers, siblings/twins, friends, strangers, and ourselves Read More…

We Claim Anonymity: Dermot Wilon & Kevin Smith
May 8th – 12th, 2012
For the past two years Kevin Smith and Dermot Wilson have been performing a series of sound and video works collectively called, We Claim Anonymity. The performance work employs several laptop computers, video projectors, musical instruments and amplified voice. The collective is exploring new ways of employing text and recorded voice in their performance and installations. Starting from an appreciation for traditional sound art and noise music (especially the fluxus artists, Nihilist Spasm Band) Smith and Wilson incorporate a “noise aesthetic” into their performances Read More…