Self Expression

The goal for the Self Expression event was to engage youth with an exercise that would encourage bonding between participants and have fun.  The Self Expression event works as a two part activity for children and youth up to age 12.

Part one consists of pairing all youth in groups of two and getting them to create friendship bracelets collaboratively. The process of creating a friendship bracelet relaxes the group and we discuss everyone favourite pastime, place and food.

We all have Lunch before we move onto the second portion of this activity which is decorating Frisbees that have been pre-painted with a white area. The blank area is then used by the participants as a drawing area for self expression as they illustrate their favorite things and proceed to play a game in which we have to remember whose Frisbee is whose based on colour and favorite thing. Self Expression 2011 was conducted by the White Water Gallery with the Capitol Centre Theatre Camp participants.