Ice Follies Celebrating 10 Editions 2004-2023

Quinn Hopkins, Limited/Limitless, 2023

Presented by White Water Gallery

Quinn Hopkins, “Limited/Limitless”, 2023

Ice Follies Biennial is returning to frozen Lake Nipissing for two weeks in February 2023 continuing its rich history of presenting contemporary art in Northern Ontario’s coldest month. Lake Nipissing is not only the location for the event, it is also the festival’s inspiration. Ice Follies celebrates its 10th Edition with free performances, large-scale art installations, community engaged artworks and activities, and a curated look-back at the history of this one-of-a-kind festival. Come experience art the Northern Ontario way!

The festival is FREE to attend and open 24 hours a day from February 10 – 24, 2023.

For Ice Follies 10th Anniversary Biennial, Quinn Hopkins is excited to be creating a part physical, part augmented reality (AR) activated installation titled “Limited/Limitless”. As part of the installation, physical artwork will be placed on the ice and used as a target for AR activation. Through a QR code, all viewers with cell phones will be able to access a virtual world hidden behind the lens of the viewers cell phone, revealing the hidden world under the ice and the delicate balance of the ecosystem that is vital to our way of life.

The title “Limited/Limitless” is a reference to the human-fish relations that we have had for time immemorial. 

“Our fish relatives are valued as food, spirit, medicine, and a source of livelihood for many Indigenous nations. This relationship has been this way since the beginning of the Nishinaabeg, the fish have given their lives for us to survive. In this installation, the Walleye (Pickerel) is reflected infinitely within an enclosed box creating the illusion that the fish population is an infinitely renewable resource; however, it is in a delicate balance that requires care and stewardship.” – Quinn Hopkins

Artist Bio:

Quinn Hopkins (b. 1998) is an artist inspired by innovative technologies – connecting new ideas with the land and his roots as an Anishinaabe person. He utilizes techniques such as 3D modeling, digital drawing, and creative coding as he collaborates with the computer to research, design and create his artworks. His interests are focused on developing new ways to visualize spirit and to reveal the many truths about humanity’s relationship with the land.  Hopkins has appeared on CBC The National and Breakfast Television, as well as featured in an article on CBC Indigenous. As a student at OCAD University, Hopkins is enthusiastic about his art’s ability to inspire action and connect people across the country.

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