Ice Follies 2018: Reece Terris

The Darkhouse

Reece Terris, as a visiting settler, responded to Settler ice hut cities by creating a large-scale snow cave that invites contemplation.  He created a 20’ diameter dome-shaped structure out of ice and snow, with a 3’ diameter circular hole cut through the ice at its centre. “The Darkhouse” draws its name from ice fishing huts used by spear fishers, in whose darkness one’s eyes become sensitive to the ambient natural light bouncing off the lake floor, transforming the ice fishing hole into a screen of sorts where targets become visible.  Upon entering Terris’ hut, audience members may seek targets (even if ‘only’ visual ones) as the lake bottom first comes into view, but this tendency will be worn down by the relative stillness of the lake. Sitting in quiet reflection, in a circular space, audiences will become attentive to subtle shifts of the lake, thereby learning to listen and see otherwise.

Aritst biography

Reece Terris is a Vancouver based artist practicing large-scale installation, engaging with form and politics related to urban architecture.  Typically his work alters the expected experiential qualities of a place, or specific type of architecture through an amplification or shift in the primary function or intent of the original architectural design. Past projects include a six-storey apartment building temporarily installed in the rotunda of the Vancouver Art Gallery, and his work has exhibited across Canada, as well as in Austria, London UK, and America.

This installation was presented as part of Ice Follies 2018 – a festival of site specific art on frozen Lake Nipissing.

Thanks to our partners for their generous support in making this presentation possible!