Fishing For Sounds

“Fishing for sounds” is a transmission art project that connects the familiar (up here) activity of fishing to sound art, making experimental media art more accessible to our local population.  Check out the video catalogue of the project, created by Eric Robillard, here!

This is a two-part project.

Part one is a community sound and radio workshop co-presented with the New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA).  This workshop has been scheduled to coincide with the New Adventures in Sound Art’s “Deep Wireless” festival, from Feb 13-14, 2016.  At this workshop, 5-10 community members will actually go “fishing for sounds” with a NAISA Instructor on frozen Lake Nipissing, learn how to edit those sounds, and to create a transmission installation in the gallery.

In part two, nationally and internationally recognized experimental sound artist and curator, Darren Copeland will use sounds he ‘caught’ on, under, and through frozen Lake Nipissing (and some of the micro-radio transmitters and receivers created at the workshop) to transform the gallery into an immersive underwater soundscape (Feb 20-Mar 12, 2016).  The installation will consist of a series of sound sculptures made of micro-radio transmitters and receivers hanging off fishing related gear; as these mobiles swing around, the transmissions interact with one another, producing variable sounds.

The opening reception on Saturday February 20th at 7pm has been scheduled to compliment events at the Ice Follies 2016 festival of site-specific art.  

A sound fishing ‘trophy’ wall will be installed in the gallery storefront window on Main Street, showcasing community members in Polaroid photos with a sound they ‘caught’ in the gallery or out on the lake (e.g. an onomatopoeia).