en masse: 40th Anniversary

WWG 40th Anniversary Call for Submissions

White Water Gallery is returning to its roots to celebrate our 40th anniversary, by showcasing the work of contemporary artists who have made and continue to make things happen here.  Please circulate this call to all your WWG friends!

Below you will find two calls for submissions:

(1) prior WWG staff and active BoD members that are now mid-career or established artists (for a salon style exhibition in the main gallery); and

(2) current WWG members who are emerging regional artists (for a salon style juried exhibition in the small storefront gallery).

Exhibition runs from July 6th (our official 40th anniversary) through August 19th 2017

(1) Calling prior White Water Gallery staff and active Board members that are now mid-career or established artists!

Collectively, you created space for contemporary artists to present high caliber work, challenge conventions, and share knowledge here on Nipissing territory. It is such bringing people together, working together, getting it together, and holding things together, in a spirit of togetherness that has enabled White Water Gallery to survive and thrive all these years. Even though many of us may not have met (as yet), we are in this together.

So it is fitting that for the occasion of our 40th anniversary, our programming committee calls you together for a salon style exhibition in the main gallery space. The aim is to show every piece that is submitted, to overwhelm audiences with the diverse talents and interests that have informed this artist-run centre.

en masse: forty years of flux

You are invited to submit one large or two small pieces of contemporary art that resonate(s) somehow with your time at White Water Gallery. As artists with an intimate understanding of the challenges of mounting group shows in a relatively small space (20’x40’ with 12’ high walls), you can use your discretion in choosing appropriate pieces for this show. Virtually all materials are welcome (keeping in mind the health and safety of staff, volunteers, and audience members).

In selecting work(s), you might consider pieces that you produced or showed at the time, or new(er) works that speak to artist-run culture or the labour of art, or that you have been able to go on to make (thanks in some small measure to your time here).

If you are interested in participating in this exhibition, please send us:

(a) INTENT TO PARTICIPATE form (including a brief explanation of why you’re selecting a certain piece for this exhibition), along with your CV and supporting materials (1-2 images, or a link to Vimeo or materials on your website).

(b) 1 large/small, or 2 small works (in any media)

Deadline for works to arrive at WWG: Friday June 23rd 2017 at 4:30pm

We would also welcome installation support, if you happen to be around and interested. We are going to be drawing out threads of WWG’s many histories and weaving them together visually, so we would be especially keen to hear some of your stories, and any insights you might have into how various pieces and/or artists might be related.

  • Installation: June 27th – 30th and July 4th – 5th (noon-5pm).


(2) Calling current WWG members who are emerging regional artists doing contemporary work.

You are a part of making things happen at White Water Gallery, and so you embody the artist-run spirit in your own way. So the programming committee is providing you with an opportunity to participate in a high-profile juried exhibition.

Emerging regional artists are invited to submit one small piece of contemporary visual art (max 2’x2’) for a jury to consider for a small salon style exhibition in the storefront reception space (10’x12’ with 12’ high walls).

If you might be interested in submitting a piece for this show, please email programming@whitewatergallery.com including the following attachments:
(i) a completed SUBMISSION FORM

(ii) 1-2 digital images (JPEG 150dpi, between 500px and 1500px across) of your piece; a

(iii) an artist CV.

  • Deadline for submissions: Friday June 23, 2017 at 4:30pm
  • Notice of jury’s decisions: Monday June 26th
  • Deadline for selected works to arrive at WWG: Wednesday June 28th at 4:30pm

We would also welcome installation support, if you happen to be around and interested. This is a great opportunity to meet other artists, learn some of the tricks of the trade, and have a grand ol’ time.

  • Installation: June 28th – 30th and July 4th – 5th (noon-5pm).