Examples of Artist Education Fund Projects

We are very interested in working with other groups/organizations to ensure that more educational arts-related activities happen locally. Our focus will always be the development of professional artistic practices and the promotion of emerging artists. Please contact the White Water Gallery for any questions you may have in regards to this fund.


APPLICANT: A University or College conducts an exhibition of graduating student artwork at a location in North Bay. They have applied to the Artist Education Fund (AEF) as this activity promotes the students as emerging artists and allows them to participate in a professional exhibition. The school has requested $500 in prize money for the students.

POTENTIAL OUTCOME: The Community Outreach Committee secures more than $500 worth of magazine subscriptions from popular contemporary art magazines (Black Flash, Canadian Art, esse, C Magazine, FUSE, Border Crossings, etc.) and these subscriptions are given to these emerging artists to encourage them to retain a connection to the contemporary art world after they leave school. Additionally, $250 is contributed towards the event for prize money resulting in a contribution greater than the request amount.

APPLICANT: A local artist is interested in conducting a large scale work shop that will help emerging artists get their portfolios organized and show them how to write a professional exhibition application. The artist is not currently employed through any local organization, but approaches the White Water Gallery to discuss an AEF application and to discuss their eligibility.

ADJUSTMENT: The White Water Gallery offers support under the condition that they secure a partnering organization and location for the activity. The artist is also encouraged to apply for additional funding from other sources using the AEF as a starting point for a bigger budget.

POTENTIAL OUTCOME: The artist is able to secure $4000 from provincial funding bodies to pay for the costs affiliated with their workshop and get paid appropriately for their time. The White Water Gallery contributes $500 towards their costs and broadcasts the event through local media networks as a PSA. The workshop is fully funded and is successful as it has proper funding and exceptional community support.

APPLICANT: A regional Art Service organization is conducting professional development sessions with local arts groups promoting opportunities for professional artists. They are seeking locations for these sessions and any contributions that can be offered. They apply to the AEF seeking funding to rent a location locally and pay for advertising.

POTENTIAL OUTCOME: The White Water Gallery offers use of its space during a time when there are no exhibitions installed and invests $200 towards local advertising. The event is successful as it has a centralized location, adequate advertising, and a community partnership that is capable of drawing in participants.

APPLICANT: A group of local youth has formed an Anime Club and wants to establish a local small-scale anime festival. They apply to the AEF for funding to pay for costumes and prizes for their event.

ADJUSTMENT: As this fund is to be used to promote professional practices and the development of emerging artists, their initial application does not fit the criteria for funding. The White Water Gallery works with the youth group to discuss their proposed activities and what role the AEF could play within their festival.

POTENTIAL OUTCOME: $400 is spent on a professional artist fee to bring in a published anime artist to conduct a lecture on technical execution of anime artwork and the benefits of self-publishing work. The Community Outreach Committee secures a discounted hotel room and provides an additional $200 towards travel costs.