Access and the Arts

Tuesday September 4th, 10 am-noon

A workshop and discussion led by artist Aislinn Thomas about access in art spaces.

So often we use the word “accessible” as a shorthand for wheelchair accessibility, which doesn’t affirm the variety of barriers people with disabilities (and those without named disabilities) face. What can we do as artists, institutions, and community members to be truly inclusive? What accessibility features do we need in order to participate in public life?

Led by artist, Aislinn Thomas, this presentation seeks to broaden the definition of accessibility, make the case for a relational approach to access, and speak to the imaginative potential available to those who wish to fold points of access into their work and spaces. It will include ample time for discussion and sharing.

Free admission.  Please help us keep this a scent-free space.

If you would like to discuss different ways of accessing White Water Gallery, and/or this event, please contact Serena or Mitchell at:

(705) 476-2444