Team WWG


AAPworkshop_R-L-SSerena Kataoka – Executive Director (email)

Serena has been the Artistic & Administrative Director of White Water Gallery since July 2015, and is excited about the role that this artist-run centre is playing in revitalizing North Bay through contemporary artistic practices.

She believes that art can change “the world,” and that it can create new worlds. Artistic objects and practices make sense within particular contexts, and so have the capacity to disrupt inherited modes of organizing our ways of living together (e.g. colonial, racist, sexist, ableist, hetero-sexist).  Art also generates contexts in which the senses are partitioned differently, and so its ‘real’ force can be felt through eruptions of ‘new’ ways of living together (e.g. just, responsible and responsive); one might describe such an eruption as a “distinct aesthetics,” and it is politics in action.


Eric Euler, Chair

Kayla Liberty, Vice Chair

Kristin Lucas, Secretary

Wesley Patterson, Treasurer

Maurice Switzer, Elder

Chris Kosloski, Member

Keven D. Smith, Member

Mitchell Ellam, New generation member

Amanda Weckwerth, Art Fix representative


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